March 5, 2007

MagnoliaGiven that this is my first posting, I think I should first explain why I have designated “Magnolia” as my preferred site name.  Growing up in South Carolina, I was always surrounded by magnolia trees…I would climb them, read under them or simply sit below the leaves so that I could escape the heat of the hot summer.  They have always represented that feeling of ‘home.’

Funny thing is that when looking up the actual definition of ‘magnolia,’ Merriam Webster reads: ‘any of a genus (Magnolia of the family Magnoliaceae, the magnolia family) of American and Asian shrubs and trees with entire evergreen or deciduous leaves and usually showy white, yellow, rose, or purple flowers usually appearing in early spring.’

With a Korean mother and an English father, I feel like the magnolia captures not only by ethnic background and cultural upbringing but also serves to exemplify my professional state – working for Edelman, an international PR firm, in Korea.

I always knew that I would leave the South to explore the world and now feel quite satisfied with my professional pursuits but I still do miss ‘home’ – ice tea, southern charm and the magnolia trees that pepper the drive toward my home.

Welcome to Magnolia – a place where I can hopefully highlight the life of an Amerasian-living in Korea-working for an American PR firm…look forward to making this a virtual ‘second home.’